Embark on a memorable experience with the whole family!

This tour puts the focus on children, while our goal is still to make you and your kids understand and fall in love with our beloved city of Sevilla, we want to make sure that everyone’s having fun.

wHAT’s the plan?

This tour is not to be seen as a baby-sitting time. Everyone gets to participate, adults and children, and everyone goes home with a smile. This tour, unlike many others, focuses on making everyone happy and not only adults.

We will meet in the city center, and then we set off on an adventure of many legends, many encounters and a surprise at the end. We save the most legendary knights, the most courageous princesses and the scariest legend for this activity.

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Camila was great, everyone had a lot of fun and the kids loved the surprise! Thank you so much!
— Susanne, Stuttgart (DE)



What’s Included?

  • An activity in one of the ancient artistic workshops of the Alameda;

  • Any tickets you might need during the tour;

  • Entrance to any private location we visit during the tour (workshops, aquarium);

  • A quick stop for a refreshment as well as a delicious snack;

  • A free map of the city;

  • Plenty of insider’s recommendations.

Everything is included. Unless your decide to purchase something unrelated to the tour you probably won’t even need to take your wallet with you.

*Please note that lunch and/or dinner is not included.

In which languages is the tour available?

  • English

  • French

  • Italian

  • Spanish

All our tours are done by perfectly fluent experienced guides.

What size will the group be?

We accept only two bookings per tour, this means that our groups usually range from 2 to 10 people, rarely more. This way, we can adapt the tour to your preferences and you can ask as many questions as you'd like. We believe this intimate setting is better for both our clients and our guides.

How long will the tour last?

It depends on the group, on the weather, on the day of the year, on how crowded the streets are. It generally ranges from 2 to 3 hours. We can make it shorter or longer depending on your preferences. It’s your tour, it’s your day.

What should I bring?

Bring appropriate protection against the sun or the rain, wear shoes that you are comfortable walking with during three hours. If you have a nice photo-camera do bring it with you, you will take amazing pictures during the tour!

Where does the tour start?

The tour starts in the city center, at the feet of Ferdinand III, on Plaza Nueva. Click on the button below to see the location on Google Maps. We will give you more detail once you receive your booking confirmation.  

Family Tour
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